My name is Yonatan Tiruneh, I am an aspiring visual artist. I like to class myself as a visual artist as it bridges the gap between different mediums. It also has no creative restrictions. I believe in expressing my vision in the best form possible, sometimes that's filmmaking or photography and other times it is fine arts. As I have experimented with all these different visual art forms, I have found a passion for filmmaking. 

Film making as an optional career has always been unrealistic to me due to the believe that film making requires millions of dollars to achieve. Furthermore, I didn't know anyone from my background who is a filmmaker. Due to this believe I choose to pursue a path of technology, studying Math, Computer science and Geography at A-level.

As I went about my studies, I discovered an opportunity to work on a social action film, with a Charity called Uprising. Through this program I directed and shot a short film with a group of aspiring filmmakers about the expectations on young people in today's society. This gave me the network and insider knowledge about the filmmaking process and industry. It also provided me with the aspiration to pursue filmmaking as more than a hobby.  

This planted a burning desire to find an opportunity to further expand my filmmaking repertoire. After a period of searching, I found the prospect to work on a film funded by the Birmingham Civic Society. The film was to depict Birmingham's beauty through the lens of young people. On this project I participated as a camera assistant. This further developed my passion for cameras, and I was in awe about the technical aspects of film production. It managed to combine my interest of technology with visual arts. Subsequently, I got a chance to work with a local filmmaker on a YouTube documentary series where people wrote letters to their younger selves, I participated as a second camera man. 

My aspiration for the future is to work as a cinematographer for mainstream films. I also wish to direct my own independent films as I want to tell my own stories through visual arts.  

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